Multi-room systems


Audioaccess has long been the king of multi-room systems, from the original MRX to its famed PX600 and now the bigger and better PX700 with its simple to use keypad, its onboard intelligence and reliability, it really is the crown of multi room audio.


Xantech has just released their new MRC88 and MRC44 multiroom system. It is simply amazing what these systems will do, and at a price that is sensational. The system includes the main unit, eight keypads (one for each zone) and 16 power amplifiers.

Imagine audio anywhere in your house at the touch of a button. Inhouse Systems is one of only a few select installers in Australia that can offer this system.


Axium make a economical 4-zone 4-source system, while it does not have the bells and whistles of the more expensive systems, it distributes its 4 sources to 4 zones with equipment control and volume control. A nice addition to any home


There are a thousand systems that can be designed for you and what we can’t purchase off the shelf, we will custom build for you.