About us

Inhouse Systems was set up to meet the changing needs of today’s building industry.

Gone are the days when systems for audio, video, TV, security, communication, automation, health and safety were luxuries. They are now a major component to construction in both trades and cost.

These trades and installations have become so complicated that problems are arising in the coordination of services to the extent that services are being duplicated leading to an increase in cost, and also to a reduction in the performance level of each system.

Where our company comes into its own is in the supply of these services in a co-ordinated way that they complement each other, thereby drastically reducing overlap of services and increasing the performance of these services.

We do this by:

  • Quality

    We select the best materials from over 300 companies, only accepting those of the highest performance. As we were the original Systems Integration firm in the Southern Highlands, we were able to secure partnerships with the leading brands (many exclusively) that we continue to this day.

  • Design

    All our systems are designed with not only today’s needs in mind but tomorrows as well. This leads to equipment and services that will not become obsolete a year or two from now and contributes to a system that can be added to and modified to meet the changes of the future.

  • Workmanship

    This part is simple, we do the job to the highest possible standard without exception.

  • Price

    We offer a full range of installations, from top of the line to budget. For over 38 years we have found that the most profitable customers are the ones that keep coming back time after time. The major reason for this is that we are not the cheapest but for value for money we will not be beaten.

  • Warranty

    All workmanship carries a one year warranty, and the equipment is guaranteed against defect for between 1 and 9 years.

    Inhouse Systems have been operating continuously in the Southern Highlands for over twenty years and unlike many other start ups, we will be here in the Highlands for many years to come.

Whether you need a simple flat screen TV installed, a beautiful automatic gateway or an advanced house of the future, we can supply and install a system you will be proud to own for years to come.

Our history

Inhouse Systems first started as Kiwi TV Installations by Brian Harnett, my father, on 16 September, 1956 – two weeks before TV started in Australia.

I did my apprenticeship with him in the early eighties and then became a partner. Kiwi TV was one of the larger specialised firms that was well regarded and worked mainly in MATV (units, hospitals, jails, etc.).

In later years we became heavily involved in intercom and security systems.

My father semi-retired in 1990. I took over the business and decided that the Southern Highlands was the place for me.

So we moved ourselves and the business to Bowral, changed the name to Inhouse Systems P/L and opened a shop in the main street of Bowral specialising in systems integration.

We were one of the first systems integrators in Australia and were involved with CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) from the beginning.